How Does the PRID Tool Work?

Program Risk ID, or PRID, is an online risk identification tool that transforms program risk identification from an intense knowledge-based art into a routine standardized analytical task. It removes subjectivity, politics and personal opinion from the decision making process.

PRID provides a set of common risks based on an extremely large analysis of commercial and government programs across aerospace, IT, energy, automotive and other domains, their risks and outcomes. Compiled over 30 years, much of this information came from the GAO.

Program Risk ID delivers a comprehensive risk identification process through the analysis of six Risk Areas:
• Technical
• Organizational
• Operational
• External
• Managerial
• Enterprise

Within these six Risk Areas are 31 Risk Categories, with 218 individual risks divided logically into the Categories. Users can choose all or any combination of Risk Areas to analyze.

When analyzing individual risks, five Risk Levels (low to high) are provided for each risk to aid personnel in evaluating the current level of risk exposure. Individual Risk Scores are then tallied based on historical risk frequency and severity of program impact, combined with program complexity factors.

Risk Area and Program Scores are subsequently computed. These scores, along with individual Risk levels, are included in the analysis reports.

Your firm owns its data. Although Sysenex owns the PRID tool, customers own the data they input.

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