PRID — What Is It?

PRID – Program Risk ID – is Sysenex’s risk identification tool. It saves programs money and time and preserves promised performance.

Using the PRID Tool, a program can be analyzed in major areas to discover risks that could de-rail development.

Once an unknown risk is identified, then the question that PRID helps answer is “What is the current solution status of the risk?”

The earlier in a program that you identify and fix your problems, the cheaper and easier they are to fix.

PRID is a web-based diagnostic tool that will:

  • Provide a set of common risks based on a large analysis of commercial and government programs, their risks and outcomes. This analysis covers aerospace, IT, energy, automotive and other domains.
  • Allow knowledgeable personnel to use this historic information to diagnose program vulnerabilities. These weaknesses can be addressed before they cause major consequences.
  • Transform program risk identification from an intense, ad hoc, knowledge-based process into a routine standardized analytical task.
  • Be used on one or many programs.

Although Sysenex owns the PRID tool, customers own the data they input.

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