Why Use PRID?

    PRID is a dramatic improvement, a significant cost-saving, and a time-saving way to reduce future unexpected, unanticipated expensive problems in the software and hardware development process.

    If you do not like headaches, this is a tool for you.

    Program Risk ID – PRID – is the first of its kind.

    Ever suffered a program cost or schedule overrun?

    Ever delivered a product to a customer that did not fulfill promised performance?

    A reasonable estimate is that roughly 60% of software development is often rework. We believe that PRID will cut that in half, meaning that 30% of the cost of software development will become profit. Would you like to turn rework dollars into profit?

    Why worry about addressing risks as early as you can during hardware and software development projects? Studies show that a problem that costs you $1000 to solve before software or hardware has been built will cost you $500,000-$1.000,000 to solve afterwards. It’s expensive to change software, hardware, or both!